Civil and private international law

Iusvicaretti also provides assistance before court in matters of civil and international private law, particularly in disputes relating to; international and European supply agreements, enforcement of foreign judgments, international agency and distribution agreements.

Corporate and company law

Iusvicaretti advises companies – mainly joint stock companies, limited liability companies and non-profit organizations – on all aspects of corporate law ranging from drafting by-laws, shareholders meeting minutes, board of directors minutes, winding up companies, assisting in bankruptcy and company reorganization proceedings.

It furthermore provides a full range of legal assistance to foreign clients who are interested in developing their business in Italy. This includes the evaluation of start up investment costs, tax consulting and business relationship management between the subsidiary and the parent company in English or German.

In order to offer very efficient and an inexpensive advice, it is essential to have ample and in depth knowledge of the EU and international legislation and to know the language and the culture of the clients, who are interested in developing business in Italy.

Labour Law

Iusvicaretti also provides court assistance in matters relating to labour law.

Commercial and contractual law

In this field the firm offers a wide range of services, which includes trading licences under the Italian Law, the drafting of agency agreements, franchise and distribution contracts, sponsoring agreements and supply agreements, also in the international field.